Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Shirt project

We were given the project of creating a map of our week on a T-shirt. Maps can portray many different elements and ideas. I took the idea of mapping my week differently because I did not feel the need to depict every single thing I had done in the past week. I had been working every day for a week and although I did go out and go to class, it felt like work consumed my life. I decided to start my shirt off by putting the name of my workplace around the collar of the shirt. This showed that work was sort of choking me and taking over my life. Next, I decided to place names of customers I had helped during that week on the shirt. I help people all day in work, so it is fitting that they would be placed on my map. As the names went on down the shirt I drew them larger. This would show that as the days went on I became more and more aggrivated and just wanted to leave. Also, in between the names I used colorful lines to portray that when I did get away from work I was happy.
I enjoyed this project because I felt that I could be creative and expressive with an assignment that did not seem to broad at first. I like the fact that we can show whatever we are feeling and everyone embraces that and takes our creativity seriously.

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