Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Labyrinth project

I was not sure what to create when we were assigned to create pop-out portrayals of our neighborhoods in reality and labyrinth formats. First of all, I did not know where to start creating a pop-out. Second, how was I to show the difference of reality and labyrinth of my neighborhood? I started to work with plain copy paper. I decided start cutting out house shapes for the reality portion of my project. I soon found a way to fold them down and attach them to a flat piece of paper so that they would pop out. Four rows of houses created my neighborhood, which is a simple and non-lively place. I drew the houses and streets in black and white to show the blandness of everything. For the labyrinth portion I cut out similar house shapes but put them in a circle. I colored the houses in bright pink, yellow and blue to show excitement and happiness. I drew some circles within the circle of houses. I also included a pop-up portrayal of me. I put this in the middle of all of the circles. This was to show that I was in the center of the labyrinth of happiness that I had created.
I enjoyed viewing everyone's labyrinth because everyone had such great ideas and they were all so different from one another. Everyone's creativity was out and we got a peek into where everyone is from.

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